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Mekanik Strip

more than 30 years!

Mekanik is one of the biggest, and one of the most important comicshops and comic related art galleries in Europe.

Since 1983 Mekanik has carried every European and American comic on the market. Special interest goes to all aspects of the medium, including comics, (art)books, paraphernalia such as statues, graphic novels, dvd, Japanese manga and anime… Basically everything comic-related is part of our ever growing assortment.

Mekanik Strip:

St.Jacobsmarkt 73
B-2000 Antwerp
Phone: +323 234 234 7
E-mail us:


Alex Agnew

Thanks to Mekanik Strip I can separate my jawa's from my ewoks and that comes in real handy with the chicks!

Alex Agnew


Each time you take a break during lunchtime, be sure to pop in Mekanik Strip Comic Shop in Antwerp. Consider it a small heaven on earth. Ease down, search, find and read... You don't have to believe me, but even after 30 years, it's my ultimate place to pause. Hope to see you there soon.

Roy Royco

Gallery & Workshops

In 1994 Mekanik Strip branched out and opened the first comic art gallery in Antwerp. It was conceived as a space to exhibit original comic art, paintings, prints, sculptures, and everything related to sequential art. The gallery has a permanent collection featuring works from the most important artists in the comic book industry. Quickly the gallery gained name and fame; and is now one of the leading venues for exhibiting comic art in Belgium. John Bolton, Dave McKean, Neil Gaiman, Charles Burns, Loustal, Ted McKeever, Bernie Wrightson, Liberatore and Milo Manara are just a few names of our past guests.


Aside from inviting international artists, the gallery focuses also on local new talent in the WALL OF FAME exhibitions.


The WALL OF FAME is a new project of Mekanik Strip.
We welcome young, promising, lightly disturbed and unique talent
to make a small tiny mini SOLO-exhibition in our Gallery !

One small wall – only for you – your first SOLO !
Come over and talk with us about the conditions ..


Previous exhibitors:
Jeroen Loos
Serge Baeken
Daan Rosseels

WILLIAM LUDWIG more info here…


Strips tekenen met William Ludwig.

Voor 7 tot 14-jarigen.

Een ongelooflijk plezante en leerrijke workshop Strips Tekenen met leraar William.
De schrik van het Noorden, de leraar met faam en ijzeren potlood, de coole ridder met stalen pen en bulderende lach.
WILLIAM doceert, stimuleert, ontdekt talent, stuurt bij waar nodig en maakt er vooral een fijne workshop van voor de vele enthousiaste kinderen die eenmaal gekomen altijd fan blijven.

De fijnste workshop in de Stad !
Snel inschrijven want de 15 plaatskes zijn altijd snel ingenomen.

Voor meer info en inschrijvingen

The gallery is also for rent and available for publishers & book presentations


Our Staff

ask and you shall receive

  • Jens


    US & English Comics Specialist
  • Kim


    European comics & PR
  • Louize


    Animation Team


Marvel Comics

DC Comics

Dark Horse Comics

Image Comics





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Opening Hours:

let op ! maandag gesloten – mondays closed
Tuesday-Friday: 10.00-18.30   Saturday: 10.00-18.00
Sunday-Monday: Closed

Address:  St.Jacobsmarkt 73   B-2000 Antwerp

Phone: +323 234 234 7


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