One fateful day, Ryousuke Kaga, a typical hopeless romantic and hopelessly perverted high school student, has a chance encounter in the rain with a beautiful girl. After graciously offering both his home for her to dry off in and his help for anything she might need, the mysterious red-eyed beauty thanks him by stabbing Ryousuke in the chest! To further complicate matters, the girl, Lisara Restole, is actually a shinigami – that is, a goddess of death – and Ryousuke has somehow unwittingly agreed to let her use his “essence” to remain in this world. But instead of shaving years off his life like one might expect of a typical shinigami, Lisara seems more interested in leeching the letch right out of him!

writer: Tachibana Pan
artist: Okagiri Shou
form: Softcover

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