Bound into a huge omnibus edition, the second volume in the Realmgate Wars saga, the epic conflict that defined Games Workshop’s newest fantasy setting: the Age of Sigmar. In every corner of the Mortal Realms, vile forces of evil cast their darkness. Sigmar has yet to regain control over the Realmgates, and the black night of corruption seems unending. For Sigmar’s order to prevail, his mighty heroes, the Stormcast Eternals, must reignite former bonds, consort with unlikely allies, and prepare to conquer even themselves. Only when all those who seek to oppress the rule of Order are crushed shall the stars of the Mortal Realms blaze once again. This volume contains six novels from the Realmgate Wars saga: Warbeast, Call of Archaon, Fury of Gork, Bladestorm, Mortarch of Night, and Lord of Undeath.

writer: Werner C. L.
form: Softcover

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